Black Wedding is a pitch-dark comedy on marriage. Not a single word is spoken, but murder is ubiquitous.  It’s the uproarious story of a husband and wife that artfully tries to kill each other — again and again, for 73 minutes, without speaking a single word.  It’s the way it is sometimes in a marriage. But the crafty couple pursue their devious plans without their daughter, who has sinister intentions all her own.  And so one dramatic event chases the other – hilariously, surprisingly, and shockingly.

Black Wedding is a new film project by Thomas “Tom” Bohn and the crew of Indie-Stars Film Production.  The idea is to create a small, independent film that reaches a global audience through its entertaining subject and originality.  Its models are small international masterpieces, that were efficiently produced on a minimal budget and enjoyed world-wide critical and financial success.

In the lead roles: Beate Maes, Diego Wallraff, Mersiha Husagic, and Timur Karakus. Diego Wallraff, who lives in Santa Monica, CA, has worked with Antonio Banderas (“Of Love and Shadows”, 1994) and Anjelica Huston (“The Perez Family”, 1995). Beate Maes recently starred in the critically acclaimed “Bastard” (2012), with Martina Gedeck.